Bletsoe Church Bells

Welcome to the Bletsoe Church Bells website.

In 2014 we received a much welcomed Heritage Lottery Grant to restore the bells, clean and restore the bell frame and make the ringing chamber a more welcoming place. A project group was set up and please see our pages within this website to follow our progress from start to finish.

The end of August 2015 saw the successful completion of our project apart from the outreach program. Confirmation has been received from the Heritage Lottery congratulating us on achieving our aims. Many, many thanks go to all those who made this possible.

Please visit where there is a small piece about Bletsoe Bells by Libby Alexander. Click on “About Us” and enter Bletsoe in the search box to access the article.
If you have any questions please email:
or contact the Tower Captain Paul Vine on 07516 413860

     “Bletsoe receive HLF grant to restore the bells of St. Mary’s”